Doing Business in Argentina 2023

Investments in Argentina are booming, despite the international and macroeconomic challenges.
Understanding the internal market is key to undertakings and development plans. From CYT we provide you with key information to be able to know the current factors and dynamics.
Regarding the economic and political sector, it should be noted that 2023 is an electoral year, where in Argentina the president will be elected in the month of October. However, the agreement with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) reached in March 2022 allows and gives the country the opportunity to obtain liquid funds to go through the post-pandemic recovery, being an ideal time for new foreign investments.
Argentina has multiple attractive investment projects that capture the interest of international investors, especially China. The country has a large base of talent and human capital, which facilitates business promotion, a well-educated general population, and an active community of entrepreneurial businesses that could enable exponential growth if managed consistently and efficiently. As an example, the technology sector -specialization area of our firm- is experiencing exponential growth, exporting services and talent to the whole world in areas like artificial intelligence, software implementation and development, and general outsourcing.
It is also worth noting the ease of implementation of the projects, due to the exchange gap between the dollar and the Argentine currency (peso), which turns investors into dynamic players with strong business capacity.

From CYT Abogados we elaborate global strategies for the implementation of new businesses, helping and guiding in the different areas of the market: legal, accounting and tax. 2023 is presented as a challenging year, although extremely profitable for starting new businesses. Our consulting, advisory and implementation services will allow you to develop your business in our country. We care to accomplish.