About us

A team by your side

CYT  was founded by young professionals, highly trained and experienced in various areas of law, providing services with dedication and a focus on results. With continuous and ongoing training, we aim to advise our clients by working closely with them and offering added value with technical expertise in the practice areas of the firm.

From our perspective, providing proper counsel involves offering customized solutions that cover the various aspects required. We strive to develop a relationship with our clients based on mutual trust, supported by the human and professional quality of both parties, working to ensure that the quality of the service provided is top-notch, both in substance and form.

Our Director

Julián is a lawyer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), with honors and Academic Merit Award. Specializing in Business Law, he has completed various advanced courses in the areas of commercial litigation and labor law, in addition to being an active member of Legal Research Institutes at the Faculty of Legal Sciences of UBA.

He holds a PreMaster's degree in Business Law from Universidad Austral, a Master's degree in Economic Business Law from UCA, and is a Compliance Officer LPEC (Leadership Professional in Ethics and Compliance) from IAE Business School. He is the author of several publications (ERREIUS, Errepar, ElDial) and a member of international associations (VISTAGE - IDEA).

One Single Objective. Excellence in Service.
Years of Service In The Legal Industry.
Collaborators in Argentina. And Growing.